Slayer and others covers

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Slayer and others covers

Postby breadfan on Wed Feb 15, 2006 7:59 am

escape and escape solo

blackened is the yeah

motorbreath cheese facker yeah

motorbreath terror thrash guitar

motorbreath terror thrash guitar

breadfan burrito guitar player real mathefacker

sweet amber burrito with chips and ketchup

voodoo child breadfan solo just a little like Hendrix

4 whom the burrito facker solo bellz tools

sad but true in breadfan club

the ketchup fast hotdog rock song in the world

drum time 10:08 min

in bloom guitar vocal

in bloom

my world

my world burrito metal facker

some kind of toster burritoo metall facker

you know you right

purify burrito metal facker

purify cheese metal facker

saint anger burrito metal facker

dirty window burrito metal ****er

smells like teen spirit burritto metal facker

jump with the fire buritto thrash metal

fade to black fine mess dont drink at night


phantom lord

frantic guitar vocal made in f..cking style

I disappear burritto metal fucker version

fryed age of insanity

call of ktulu

trapped under ice

fight fire with fire

here I have many covers Satriani Vai Malmsteen Metallica search everything I change names soory
Satriani extremist

extremist xtr version fast blues jam x2

ride the with extremist

summer song with midi

4 de lov of God theme Vai

audio boom Vai theme

audio boom 2 vai theme

Steve Vai tender surrender my version ... 812&T=7390[/URL]

time machine my theme

malmsteen theme opus trilogy midi

Malmsteen Blitzkreig theme midi

jumbo power

happy playing

happy playing 2

jarre theme oxygen midi

jarre heavy no solo theme oxygene

jarre heavy slide solo theme

garage solo

johny be good cool midi

okay on one site I updated links to easy hearing my covers of metallica
and there are new one too

phantom lord

frantic guitar vocal made in f..cking style

I disappear burritto metal ****er version

fryed age of insanity

call of ktulu

trapped under ice

fight fire with fire

outlaw torn

disposable heroes guitar vocal

seek and destroy

no remorse

enter sandman guitar vocal

aint my bitcch vocal

hit the lights guitar vocal

metal militia 2

metal militia guitar vocal

master of puppets guitar vocal

nothing else matters guitar vocal

4 horsemen vocal



struggle within


shortest straw

and justice for all

so what

through the never


wherever i may roam

wherever i may roam 2

until it sleeps

dyers eve

no leaf clover

ride the lightning

80 kawerów songów


nirvana cover smells like 10 spirit

in bloom guitar vocal

in bloom

plus 80 song here

Santana jingo theme

beyond the future

theme about future like time machine

listen to my all songs

I have about 200 in net at all I recoded them during two years

Hey I am breadfan simple player I have 2 guiatrs 3 effects and some solo skills

I played since metallica first woodstock

I always admire Metallica Santana Hendrix Satriani and Vai and recently Malmsteen and many more like Slayer

1 breadffan account with 80 numbers ... 812&T=6453
2 burrito breadfan guitar player 150 ... 204&T=1184

3 breadfan okay 10 about covers ... 611&T=2075
I must make soon a Slayer covers

we need more metal

I am from Poland and I am a simple thrash player

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