HIGH ON FIRE: Review MotorCo Durham, NC 12-12-2015

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HIGH ON FIRE: Review MotorCo Durham, NC 12-12-2015

Postby chainsaws_vs_you on Sun Dec 13, 2015 6:54 pm

This show was even better than the last!
Not sure about traffic over to the venue I left perhaps way to early.
Got there about an hour before the doors open. but that was cool...a ton of people already there and eating some awesome food!
Around the corner from the venue was the whole high on fire band just handing out. They were perhaps some of the coolest cats you are going to meet, they signed a ton of stuff, talked guitar tech stuff and the joys of moving from place to place.

First 2 bands...need music lessons in a big way.

3rd band Crowbar: While aware they have been around was not terribly familiar with their music. Overall, I feel they are solid and more in-line with the music of High On Fire.

High On Fire's actual show was amazing! just non-stop metal wizardry! This show has to be a tie with the Slayer show at the Orange Peel earlier this year for the best show I saw for 2015 and I saw a zillion shows!
My only complaint had nothing to do with the band but the lack of barricade, which there was none. Being upfront sucked a bit, things got some what better when I turned around and told the guy behind me "soonier or latter I am going to get tired of you pushing and im just going to fuck you up". that worked like a charm.
Got the setlist after the show and bought a signed drumhead at the merch booth.

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