The 'Grail'

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The 'Grail'

Postby vavoom on Wed Mar 19, 2014 4:29 pm

2. What time-span does the 'Grail' cover?

BD: From December the 8th 1979 to March the 23rd 1981.

6. You recently answered a fan's question about the sound quality of your tapes which you rated between 6 & 9 on a scale of 1-10. To be honest that didn't tell me enough, not only because one man's 6 might be another man's 4 but mostly because I've heard the 'Grail' and some of the sections may not be a '9' but that doesn't take away from their importance or uniqueness. I think that it's fair to say that your recordings of the earliest writing sessions aren't studio quality but I also think that, regardless of the sound quality, Blizzard fans would love to hear how the initial song ideas were developed, along with riffs and parts of songs that were discarded and never used.

BD: That riff was one of Randy's and one of the first things that we worked on together at Monmouth in December, 1979. It ended up not being used but there was another part of that song (not heard here) that became a section in 'Revelation Mother Earth'.

7. What exactly was Ozzy's input in the writing process?

BD: Vocal melodies, that is, the 'tune' that he sang over the music that Randy and I (and later Lee) put together. He also helped with the order of the 'parts' of the songs and came up with some song titles and the odd lyrical line here and there. His ad-lib vocal line in that snippet became the title of 'Steal Away the Night'. ... holy-grail
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